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Hellforge - Boltman's Chaos Army

By Vincent Hudon a.k.a. Boltman

Alright, after Conflict Montreal (Found here) I thought I should a few random pics of my army.

Hellforge is a Warband of Iron Warriors that were overtaken by Khorne. The fluff is long for it but that's another subject. Basically the IW changed their chevrons for red and black in honor of the Blood God, and when some of them get overtaken by bloodlust they join the Berserker ranks. You've probably seen the commander "Magmatrax" so I'll skip that one...

Now the pics are really a collection of what I took throughout the last year and a half since I started this hobby. Some have terrible light setting, I know...

Clearly not all of my best skill (I learned the hooby on this army), but I'm still very proud of it. Enjoy!

My first 5 models ever! Notice the stylish blank bases at the time...
Army shot

Some more random CSM
Army shot

Obliterator "Boltz"

Obliterator "Nutz" (notice the cigar)

The Hammer of Hellforge

The Anvil of Hellforge
Land Raider

Some Berserkers
Some of my "Furiettes" (The Warp mutates in strange ways...)
These were my first NMM attempts before Magmatrax, hence the inconsistencies.

I hope it serves as inspiration to others...

... to join the forces of CHAOS.

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