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True Scale Marines

By Blindhamster

Okay I know there are others and all but seeing as I only do true scale marines now i got asked to do a tutorial (a couple of times hehe) soooo as i finally got off my ass and made another model while i had a camera handy here it is:

right to do this you'll need 0.5mm plasticard greenstuff a saw or knife and of course the base model.

To do this you will need:
0.5mm plasticard
A saw/knife
Of course, the base model.

I always start with the torso so heres how I do it:

Firstly get a torso of your choice and cut the chestplate from the stomach.

user posted image

Once done it will look like this:

user posted image

Next you need to get the back of the torso and place spacers on the area where the back and front will join (these will be 0.5 mm):

user posted image

Stick the chest to the plasticard spacers and then trim off any spare plasticard till its all neat. Then make a ball of greenstuff and place that where the stomach is and then add the belt, you are aiming to add roughly 0.5 - 1mm height at the waist. Make sure the stomach is slim still (you dont want your marine to look fat now do you?):

user posted image
user posted image

So thats the torso done, now place a ball of green stuff in where the helmet will go and place a wet helmet there to get the helmet to sit right.

Now for the legs:

Firstly cut the thighs from the pelvis:

user posted image

Next cut the thighs in half and add a 0.5mm spacer between the two halves, this will add some height:

user posted image

Next add another spacer at the top of the thigh and touch it all up with green stuff, attatch the legs to the pelvis again posing however you want (you could cut the legs up more for more dynamic poses):

user posted image
user posted image

And thats it! Stick it all together and you'll end up with a better proportioned marine, it might also be a good idea to add length at the arms however i feel the arms on the default marines are too long for their bodies anyway.

A WIP example:

A finished example:

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