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Isuue 005

Cityfight Terrain

By John Christensen

Here's the terrain in all it's glory.

First up an over view:

Next up is the small bombed building:

As you can see, alot of care was used in putting in the floor (yay for free paper samples from home depot!):

As you can see you can access the river via the basement's large tunnel:

The river bed is big enough to hide a normal space marine dread in:

Next we have the Inquisitorial building:

You may be able to see the 2 miniatures taking up positions in the windows, each window is exactly mid chest hight on a Cadian (you will be able to shoot from each floor and the roof upon completion):

The walls facing out of the board have yet to have their windows drilled but other than that are ready for paint!

Between the pillars there are small doors and imperial eagles (again undrilled):

Finally the arch between the 2 inqisitorial buildings couldn't be left undetailed:

There will be flags added under each wing, and another eagle on the other side of the arch.

You can see ever more pics here.

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