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Isuue 005

Making Purity Seals

Brother Kilgor

Fig. 1

Step 1

Take the desired amount of Green Stuff that you need... See Fig. 1 for the amount I used to make 4.

Fig. 2

Step 2

Mix the Green Stuff into a ball...Some may disagree, but I like to mix a little dab of Vaseline into the mixture, this way it more easy to handle.

Fig. 3

Step 3

Lubricate the surface that you are working on (flem, Vaseline, KY etc.) and roll your Green Stuff flat, I usually make it 1mm - 2mm deep.

Remember to keep everything lubricated, so that the Green Stuff doesn't stick to your fingers and tools....

Fig. 4

Step 4

Cut your Green Stuff into the desired lengths and width, with a long sharp blade... remembering to keep it wet...

Fig. 5

Step 5

Take one of the strips and lay it over the top of another, at a slight angle.

Fig. 6

Step 6

Gently lift the ribbon onto the figure or whatever you are putting it on and mold the top part into the model, then shape the ribbons into your desired positions.

Fig. 7

Step 7

Take a small piece of Green Stuff and roll it into a ball onto the end of your finger. With the end of a drill bit (the flat end) or any other small cylindrical object push into the middle of the ball GENTLY! .

Fig. 8

Step 8

You can now transfer seal gently onto the top of the ribbon... don't worry if it loses a little bit of it's shape because you can work it back when you get it onto the model.


Right, now you have learnt how to make purity seals, go ahead and bless them marines...

Good Luck…


Any questions drop me a line: ben@leedsnightowls.co.uk

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