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Isuue 005

Painting Ultramarines


Ready for war!

Step 1

- Chaos black spray undercoat

Step 2

- UM Blue layer on all armour areas (keep you colour thin, you will aply a second layer as next)
- Paint black over parts intended to go metal or any other colour apart of blue

Step 3

- Drybrush all metal parts with Boltgun Metal
- Apply second layer of UM blue (in this step you can cover any metalic colour drybrushed over armour areas)

Step 4

- Paint shoulder pad rims in selected colour (this marine being 2nd Co. gets Golden rims)

Step 5

- Using Black ink do perform black lining around all metal parts to separate them from Blue as well as in all armour joint, recesses etc.

Step 6

- Apply red on purity seals and eyes
- Purtiy seals cloths can be painted any light colour, I prefer Bleached Bone with Skull White highlights

Step 7

- Apply first broad layer of highlights to blue areas using a mix of UM Blue and Ice Blue 4-3:1
- In this step you will touch up any mishaps from previous stages (black inking, painting red, white etc.)

Step 8

- Apply second layer of blue highlight consisting of mix UM Blue : SW Gray 4:1

Step 9

- Third layer of highligts with mix of UM Blue : SW Gray 3:1

Step 10

- Fourth layer of highlight using UM Blue : SW Gray 2:1

Step 11

- Final edges highlight with pure SW Gray

Remark on highlighs - you are free to reduce the hihglighs amount to 2-3 layers according to how much time you want to spend on the marine paint job.

Step 12

- All armour parts recieve an Ink wash consisting of:
Blue Ink : Water : Dishwash soap (brush dip only)
approx 1 : 6 : 0,0001

- Highlight red parts (seals, eyes as you are used to- I do Blood Red up to Blazing Orange in 3 steps with very very much diluted Red Ink wash in the end)

- Highlight black parts (bolter) using any shade of Gray you find working for you, wash with Black ink wash : water mix in the end

Step 13

- Apply liturgy or any ornaments you like using Skull White

- Highlight Gold rims in 2-3 steps by drybrushing a mix of Gold : Silver around the edges

Step 14

- Marine ready for action (excluding base)

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