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Isuue 005

Gamesday Review (Part 1)

By Brother Redemption

Gamesday is without doubt the best event any Warhammer (40k or Fantasy) fan can go to. This year's Gamesday was held at the NEC in Birmingham. 8,500 people turned up and helped create the greatest Gamesday ever. (That includes me yay)

Gamesday visitors wait to enter the arena.

That's a lot of gamers! This year Gamesday was split into three sections, The Forum, The Arena and and The Pavillion. In ht first of these, The Forum, there was some funky stuff. Competitions galore could be found here. Artwork, coversions and scenery. But these needed more stuff availiable and more staff running them! Although a lot of this was in it's first or second year so hopefully thir time round theyll have it nailed down perfect. The 'Eavy Metal terrain team were on hand and created a table in a day!

As if that wasn't enough Forgeworld was there. If only I was rich.

And there was more... The exclusive Gamesday mini was available (which I bought of course) and you could get your hands on some Black Templar box sets early (which I also did).

Onward from there was The Arena. This the centre of the whole opertaion. The Scenario tables were in this room. The presentations were made here as well.

The banners from some the Games Worksop stores. Some were really awesome but Derby's was just a piece of Plastic with Derby written on it stuck on a pole! On the right was a full scale Space Marine. As well as that there were some other full scale models including a terminator bust, Termagunt head and a few other bits and bobs.

The scenario tables were table were you could play some awesome scenaios jsut for fun. The one of the left here was run b the good folks at Leeds Night Owls. I had a go and succeffully saved the dam from the savage Ork attack!

As well as that there was a huge (I mean huge) Remote Controlled Baneblade which was about 4 feet long!

In The Pavillion there was some awesome opportunities to see the Golden Demon hopefulls as well as the chance to meet some GW desingers and writers.

Look kids its Dan Abnett!

Last but not least 40k fans got a chance to play Dawn of War: Winter Assault pre-realease!

All in all I had an awesome day. If youve never been to Gamesday get yourself there once its well worth it!

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