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Isuue 005

Hive Fleet Moloch

By chtorrr


The Lictor itself was also converted quite a bit.
I stretched the whole model and completely deformed the normally U-shaped tail.
This left a gap at the back which was covered with armour plates.
In addition the pose I wanted to achieve required a fair bit of Green Stuff work on the legs.
Unfortunately I started with the wrong leg and did a lot of damage.
Always a good idea to create even more work. >hrrrmpf<

The only thing I am not satisfied with is the Guard officer’s neck area.
The torn tissue is far too wide, but there always is something
you would like to do better next time...

Leaping Tyranid Warriors

I just love the current Tyranid Warrior models. That being said they can look a bit static and with so many limbs it is very important to take care when posing the model. So I tried to make them look dynamic and arranged their arms so they don't look as if they are randomly flailing through the air. I did these models directly after the 3rd ed codex was published. Sadly these pictures don't show the different shades of grey on the carapace very well. But I assure you they are there.

Flying Tyranid Warriors

Yet another variant of the beautiful Warrior models. I used Warmaster Wyvern wings for them. Gotta love the mutable genus rules for encouraging a vast variety of different units and creatures.


I am not really in love with the 3rd ed Ravener models. But when I tried to convert them I just couldn't find a better looking solution (I tried some other heads and different Scything talons). So I decided to just make the existing models as nice as possible. Oh, and yes, I just love to see small mammals being chased by the uncaring Hivemind...
The Red Terror got the special treatment of ridged Scything Talons. In a Grand Tournament game he ate 75% of a Dark Eldar all infantry army. On his own. Yummy. And he survived. Since then I just love the Terror and ceased to call him an 'it'.


Instead of the regular metal models I used Hormagaunt bodies. Coupled with Fleshborers and wings they make for some fast looking Gargoyles. The obligatory rending clawed mutant is included while the  Warrior headed one is just for show.


No, I don't like the orkoid Biovore. While the idea behind it is nice, the model just looks too silly for my taste. The model you see here is based on a Dominatrix design by Warren Beattie.


I never really was in love with the existing Carnifex models. The classic model has some very nice detail (not to mention that the face definitely looks like a Screamer-Killer) while I've never even been tempted to buy one of the grinning 3rd ed 'Fexes (and that's saying something). In my view both share a similiar problem: Their upright stance coupled with the fact that they are bipedal. I just can't imagine one walking, running, or -and that's the main point- slamming into a tank. So I tried to change the locomotion by using an old Epic Bio-Titan body (on my two 'fexes one Hierodule and one Hierophant each). I am the first to admit that the number of limbs, which *slightly* exceeds the six ones Tyranids are supposed to have, is problematic. But if I have to choose between a good looking solution which breaks the rules and between the alternative I generally prefer the former.


This design was stolen. These Zoanthropes together with the Spider Tyrant actually were one of the reasons why Hive Fleet Moloch was born. The original models were done by a staff member of Warhammer world and they convinced me that I really wanted to do a scary Tyranid swarm. The red on the models is quite different to the one I use today, but even years later I'm still quite fond of them.

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