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Imperial Tile Basing Tutorial

by Krageus

Tools required:
-hobby knife
-flock (optional)
-scorched brwon
-vermin brown
-bleached bone
-shadow grey
-chaos black
-one plain unprimed base

Step 1:

gouge some cracks in your base, do two straight lines across (or more, depending on how many tiles you want) as well as some weathering and cracks

user posted image

Step 2:

Drybrush liberally the whole thing with scorched brown

user posted image

Step 3:

stipple on a mixture of vermin brown and scorched brown (stippling is like drybrushing except dab down with the brush instead of strokes)

user posted image

Step 4:

stipple again, except with vermin brown, then /bleached bone-vermin brown/

Step 5:

VERY LIGHTLY drybrush with bleached bone to bring out the details, and paint a thinned down line of black in the cracks

Step 6:

find some suitable iconography

user posted image

Step 7:

carefully paint out the general shape with shadow grey

user posted image

Step 8:

fill it in with bleached bone and put some flock on the base if you want


user posted image
user posted image

Here's an example of what you can achieve with this tutorial:
user posted image

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