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Isuue 005

Gamesday Review (Part 2)

By Brother Redemption

Some Dawn of War: Winter Assault gaming.

Huge ass titan. It must have been at least 3 feet tall.

LOTOR stuff. I only put it here because it was cool. Don't use it as an excuse to post any other LOTOR stuff!

Life size Terminator bust.

Some Jes Goodwin originals.

Some Jes Goodwin concept art.

The Leeds Night Owls gaming club table which was run by Cal. (Known as Brother Retribution on the forums.)

Remote control titan. Bad pics I know but you get a good idea of the size of the thing!

Some Golden Demon hopefuls.

Golden Demon finalists. Im pretty sure this is the closest Im going to get to a Golden Demon trophy.

Some EPIC: Armagedon. If you havn't played Epic before the models really are tiny.

Tank warfare at it's finest.

Model of the 3rd edition Space Marine codex cover. It had sculpted falmes, blood spatter and more gory goodness.

Some more scenario battles. I think this year's Gamesday had a good balance of these and the bring your and battle tables.

And finally some sweet Forgeworld models.

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